About me

Who am I?
I'm just a twenty-seven year old casual guy :)

My interests
Postmodernist literature - Drawing - Reverse Engineering
Playing the guitar - Coding - Gaming - CAD

Where to find me?
Social media accounts: LinkedIn - Facebook - Google+
Email address:


 Name : Manu Thommes (27 years old)
 HRIS Senior Consultant, Deloitte Luxembourg (Sept 2012)
  -Bachelor's degree in Germanic Languages & Literatures
  (English/German) (ULB, Brussels, 2007-2010) (High Distinction)
  -Master's degree in Information & Communication Technology
  (Digital Communication) (ULB, Brussels, 2010-2012) (High Distinction)
  -Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, (X)HTML, XML, SQL
  -HR systems : Peoplesoft HCM, SuccessFactors, Educos, NeocaseHR
  -Wireframe/mockup design (Axure RP Pro)
  -Database conception and management (mySQL)
  -CMS: Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal
  -Languages: French (native), English (fluent), German (good)